Freelance services you can get in various domains

UI/front-end Development

Website Development

Ecommerce Development

graphic design

SE/SM Optimization

Content writing

E-commerce listing


Logo design

Mobile App development


data entry

Back-end development

Image editing

Adobe / Coreldraw

Banner design

Our Features make your business easy and secure

  How are we different from offices?

Unlike other companies, we aren't based on a single location but we are all around the world joined on a single platform. We believe that talent should not be restricted by location. If we break that barrier then very much beautiful inventions and crafts will come forward.

freelancer from any location in india
Secure payment for the freelancers and client
  Your payment is safe with Xavio Hold.

Business people fear to make the complete payment and not getting expected outputs in return. The developers fear to submit the work and then not getting the expected income in return. Xavio bridges this gap by holding the amount from both the parties until a satisfying middle ground is achieved. The business maker checks the quality of service to confirm the proceedings of the project. Only then the withstanding amount is taken by and given to both concerned parties.

 Hire our business makers

They bring your project on the Xavio’s portal to be taken up by a developer or a ‘nerd’ and handle all the stuffs for you. Most people out there believe that freelancing is only for the people in technical and computer-based fields but not anymore.

Management people who are working as business maker

See what they say about us.

At first I thought how could I trust someone who is not around me for my work but you know, I got so satisfied how promptly your team responded and completed our work

- Anthony Pice
EAOR education consultant

I am so happy that I chose one of Xavio's team for my project. You guys have done great work in least cost.

- Alex Frank
Chess Ritz

I love the work you people are doing, breaking the traditional way of working environment in IT industry

- Arun Shah
- Workshare
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Work by your time, work by your choice

Our team is expanding, always hungry for efficient and free minded people who love to work in their time and they know their value. Our team is divided into three parts. First one is Nerd, second one is Business maker and third one is there to work as the intermediate between these two teams called conwire team. Are you one of them? Come onboard, we are eager to welcome you.

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